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The Fastest aluminum wheelset on the market

  • Lightweight for climbing and fast accelerating.
  • Aerodynamics superior to most carbon wheelsets.
  • Extreme stability while cornering and descending with high speed.
  • Sublime braking power and modulation.
  • Striking appearence in both aero and lightweight bikes.
  • Our wheels are made to last, tested on the Paris-Roubaix cobbles, in cyclocross races and inside the cycling peloton by professional and semi-professional racers.
  • Made for riders up to 105Kg and an ultrastiff version for riders up to 125Kg

Our wheelsets feature 33mm deep toroidal shaped aluminum rims for optimal aerodynamics, made of the extremely strong AF9X-t6 alluminum alloy. A unique ET2 spoke lacing pattern for optimal stability in cornering. Our wheels also feature carbon reinforced straight pull hubs with a ceramic braking surface on the rim

Incredibly good looking in both aero and lightweight bicycles

The Al33 rim

AFORCE Al33 (left) AFORCE Aero38C carbon (middle) Aero60C carbon (right)

Our toroidal shape combined with a wide inner bead allows for higher air volume which improves comfort and reduces the risk of pinch-flats. A toroidal wider rim design also makes a wheel laterally stiffer (side-to-side deformation). When it comes to aerodynamics this proves to be superior to the traditional V-shape rim designs.

The aerodynamic benefits of the toroidal rim shape has already been proven on carbon rims including our A-force carbon rims. However, we are the first manufacturer to bring this principle to aluminum wheels without adding a weight penalty.

Due to the 26,2 mm wide design the rim and tire merge smoothly into one another. This creates an aerodynamic benefit which is unmatched by even the deepest traditional V-shaped bicycle rims.

Aforce race hubs

Our A-force Al33 wheels are built with beautiful CNC machined aluminum hubs, Available in Black, Red or Blue. With carbon hub shell to improve stiffness. This hub doesn’t come with a weight limit and is easy serviceable.

 Equal Tension Technology (ET2)

Spoke failure is most likely to happen in the rear wheel. This has to do with metal fatigue and uneven spoke tensions. Due to non-equal left and right spoke-angles in a bicycle rear wheel, the tension of the non-drive-side is about 2,5 times lower if compared to the drive side, resulting in a very low spoke-tension subsequently ending in metal fatigue and finally spoke failure.

On our rear wheels we use 16 lightweight spokes at the drive side and 8 extra stiff spokes at the non-drive-side. The stiffness difference in the spokes and flange offset are balanced out to create perfectly divided spoke tension and equal lateral stiffness to both sides. Our wheels are laterally stiffer and last longer if compared to 32 spoke traditional wheels.

ET2 lacing pattern

Offset Crossed Lacing Technique (OCLT)

A higher lateral spoke angle means increased lateral stiffness (less side-to-side deformation) and decreased radial stiffness (up-and-down deformation). This results in the wheels being more stable when cornering. This provides more comfort when riding through rough surface.

In traditional wheel sets the spoke angle is limited by the dimensions of the front-and rear hub. This causes all sorts of problems especially in the rear wheel. The spoke angle at the drive side is limited by the cassette due to the maximum flange offset. Applying the Offset Crossed Lacing Technique(OCL) spoke holes are placed 2mm opposite to the flange. This results in a higher spoke angle and notably higher lateral stiffness.

Spoke holes are drilled with a 2mm offset for lateral stiffer wheels

Ceramic Braking Surface

This is the braking surface that makes you go faster. Ceramic coating has been applied on the rim’s brake-surface. This Increases the braking power and improves modulation if compared to standard aluminum and carbon bicycle rims in both wet and dry conditions. This means you can brake later before a corner.

A nice bonus is the dark grey color of the coating which gives the wheelset a premium look, hence the very similar appearance as carbon wheels. We advise to use our ceramic coating with our ceramic specific brake-pads for optimum braking performance and durability.

AF9X-T6 Alloy

Creating a durable aluminum rim with the aerodynamics and weight of its carbon counterparts proved to be challenging. This meant we needed to maximize the potential of the aluminum alloy. Using 6061 or similar alloys didn’t offer the strength and stiffness we wanted. So we started looking for an alternative. AF9X alloy proved to be the right choice. It offers superior performance in comparison with 6061 or similar alloys on all aspects. This enables us to make the rims lighter, stiffer, more durable and suitable for every rider under any condition.

Tubeless Optimized Design

Tubeless tires are the way to go. A technology which is already the industry standard for motorcycles, cars and mountain bikes has now found its way to the road bicycle tire.

Tubeless technology eliminates the need for an inner tire. This eliminates the chance of pinch flats and reduces the rolling resistance dramatically, which simply means you can go faster. Unlike the tubular tire’s which provide the same benefits when it comes to pinch flats and rolling resistance, tubeless comes without drawbacks.

independent test results (source:

You don’t have the risk of getting stranded, as small leaks are automatically sealed by liquid latex. However, If the puncture is too big to mend itself, you can simply put in a spare inner tire to continue your ride, like you would have done with traditional clinchers.

A lot of development has gone into the tubeless rim shape of the Al33, when installing the tubeless tire for the first time you won’t have to use an air-compressor, any normal tire pump will do the job. The tire will pop into place and will stay in place (even when the tire is deflated). The middle section is deepened to make the installation a 5-minute job without needing any special tools or excessive amount of force.

If you’re perfectly happy with your traditional clincher setup with inner tire, there is no problem at all. Our tubeless optimized design is fully backwards compatible.

Hidden internal Spoke-Nipples

Nipple failure is one of the weak spots of bicycle wheels. All stress is concentrated at the contact area of the nipple and bicycle rim, making the nipple prone to cracking over time.

Hence our preference is to use internal nipples instead. Due to the internal design, forces are equally divided over the nipple, making it much more reliable. The contact area with the rim is twice as big and the drilling hole is much smaller. This decreases the stress on the rim.

Internal nipple design

For our super-stiff option, we use an extra nipple washer for an even bigger contact area. This makes the wheels strong enough for the heaviest riders under the toughest conditions.

Internal nipples also provide an aerodynamic advantage, and replacement is as easy as with external nipples.

 The advantage of Straight-Pull spokes

Traditional J-bend spokes suffer from over-stress at the spokebend, resulting in metal fatigue and spoke failure in the long run. Although spoke quality has improved over the years and spoke failure at the J-bends happens less often as it used to, we have exclusively opted for Straight-Pull spokes. We herewith avoid the bend at the spoke-end altogether and eliminate another weak spot in the bicycle wheel.


Hand built aiming for perfection

All of our wheels are hand built to be perfectly round. Assembling each wheelset takes considerable time and effort. Before each wheel is dispatched we make sure the circular accuracy (roundness) is within the thickness of a human hair and spoke tension is equally divided within 5% of tolerance to ensure your wheel will stay perfectly round over time.

The lacing and tensioning of a wheelset is crucial to it’s behavior. We aim for perfection. Therefore a bicycle wheel with the A-force label is not released from the workshop before it has been extensively examined and tested.

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ABEC5 Grade 10 52100 Chrome steel bearings

A-Force uses high quality industrial bearings for it’s wheels. They are produced with 52100 High Carbon Chromium Alloy steel, hardened to R-62 to be extremely tough and durable and polished to a mirror finish. ABEC3 tolerance and Grade 10 balls outperform most ceramic bearings in terms of rolling resistance and roundness in the long run. If a bearing wears out you can simply replace it. Industrial cartridge bearings are available everywhere.

Cartridge bearing

A widespread misconception is that ceramic bearings are unilaterally more durable than steel. The ceramic material itself is harder than steel. So the balls themselves could be called more durable. However, there’s a catch. Most ceramic cartridge bearings on the market are actually hybrid ceramics – meaning that the balls are ceramic, but the surrounding races are steel. So these tough, durable ball bearings are housed in comparatively soft steel. If you use anything but a perfectly round ball bearing in this system, it is actually less durable than a full-steel cartridge. A very hard but non-round ceramic bearing will literally chew up a steel race in a very short order of time, even though claims promise otherwise.

We have done lots of testing with hybrid ceramic bearings, both from well-known brands and from our own supplier. The simple conclusion is that they do not meet the expectations in terms of durability and rolling resistance. Most people will be better off with steel. We only offer products we fully support and therefore we do not offer hybrid ceramic bearings.

The alternative is full Ceramic bearings. Both Races and balls made of ZrO2 ceramic material. These bearing race will last for an almost infinite amount of time. However, these bearings are vastly expensive and about 20% less shock resistance in comparison to Chrome Steel bearings. Therefore, we would only consider use of full ceramic bearings for Time-Trial, Track and Triathlon use. If interested, please contact us.

For the wheel builders:

Our rims are designed with the flexibility to accommodate both internal and external nipples.

we also offer Al33 rim’s with any hole drilling combination thinkable. Due to the high stiffness, perfect roundness and invisible weld the wheels are easy to work with.

Wheel versions & rider’s weight

All versions are equipped with 20 radial spokes in the front and 24 spokes in the rear with our ET2 lacing pattern.

Every cyclist is different; Wheels react differently depending on the weight of the cyclist. The standard Al33 wheelset fits most cyclists needs. We however, offer an Ultra stiff version where we use stiffer spokes & brass nipples for the heavier cyclist (Same price-level). We also offer the Al33 (for this option pledge 100USD/90EUR extra) with extremely light yet durable 3,5 gram spokes at the front and rear (drive-side) to bring the weight even further down.

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Aluminium (Standaard remblokken uitsluitend voor aluminium), Ceramisch (Geoptimaliseerd voor Ceramisch remvlak, ook geschikt voor aluminium velgen), Carbon & Ceramisch (ontworpen voor gebruik i.c.m. Carbon & Ceramische velgen), Geen Remblokken

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